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AGELESS™ Male Helps Promote:

  • Increased Free Testosterone Levels
  • Lean Muscle Mass with Strength Training
  • Healthy Energy Metabolism
  • Sexual Health, Libido, and Arousal
Product Info

Feel Better than You Have in Years

For many guys, getting older means gaining weight, feeling tired, and losing interest in sex. Luckily, science has uncovered some amazing ingredients that are changing the rules – and those ingredients can be found in Ageless Male. This groundbreaking formula contains Testofen† , a patented ingredient that’s extracted from Fenugreek. A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study found that men who added Testofen to their strength training promoted lean muscle… along with an increase in free testosterone levels. Another study found that adding Testofen to zinc and magnesium promoted sex drive and arousal.

Ingredients to Help You Feel Better

Unlike many of its competitors, Ageless Male contains no caffeine or harsh stimulants. Instead, it has a critical nutrient that works with your body to support energy production – without crashes. Ageless Male contains no dangerous or illegal substances; this formula only uses safe, nonprescription ingredients that are backed by real clinical studies. Ageless Male works – and that’s why it’s the best-selling formula in its category at major retailers across the country.

† Testofen is a registered trademark of Gencor Nutrients, Inc.


Why should I consider Ageless Male?

After 40, many men find themselves wishing to be in better shape, with more energy, and a more active sex life. Ageless Male is a safe and easy way to support healthy testosterone levels and work toward these goals. It’s a formula made with natural ingredients including clinically studied and patented Testofen†. Just by taking one tablet twice daily, you’ll be on the road to more healthy “clean” energy (without the use of caffeine), more productive workouts, and a serious boost in confidence.

Ageless Male is the  best-selling free testosterone supplement – with a great reputation that the competition simply can’t match.

What is the key ingredient in Ageless Male?

The key ingredient in Ageless Male is an extract from the seed of the Fenugreek plant called Testofen. This herbal ingredient has been shown in clinical studies to promote an increase in free testosterone in men.

When should I expect to feel results taking Ageless Male?

It’s important to remember that this is a nonprescription formula with no stimulants, so it’s unlikely you’ll feel a major difference in just a day. This is deliberate: we didn’t want a formula that would artificially jack up your energy and then make you crash later on. Instead, we made a formula that works WITH your body to support healthy testosterone levels, libido, and lean muscle mass with exercise. Some men feel incredible results after a week or two, and some feel the difference after the first bottle. No two men are alike, but if you stick with Ageless Male, it will work.

Is Ageless Male safe?

Yes. Ageless Male is not a drug, and when used as directed it is safe with no known side effects. If you are taking prescription medication, or you have other concerns, it is recommended you seek the advice of a medical professional before beginning any new health regimen.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

†Testofen is a registered trademark of Gencor Nutrients, Inc.


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